Hello world!

I am an Attorney by trade, but I am known by my family and friends to be a girl who is very young at heart.  I wanted to create my blog in order to show you a glimpse into my life.  I was born on July 3rd, so I am a Cancer crab.  Among many other things, that means that I usually stay at home and you may never see me out and about…what am I doing, you may ask??!  Well, if you follow my blog . . . you will know!  I am so excited about sharing with you my favorite things about the past month, beginning with the month of August of 2015!  I hope you enjoy my favorites of the latest news stories, movies, music, sports, politics, gossip, food recipes, beauty ideas, fashion (both indian and american), cars, architecture, books, jewelry designs, travel ideas, art, upcoming events and of course my love…the Law.  Welcome, my friends!  I hope you enjoy my blog! 😉